Advocates have a monopoly in relation to preparing the documents necessary to transfer ownership of real property (houses, buildings and land) in Guernsey. If you want to buy a house in Guernsey, you will need to see an Advocate about it.

You do not need an Advocate in order to sell real property in Guernsey, although in some circumstances it may be advisable to seek advice in relation to this.

Most firms of Advocates will be able to assist you if you want to buy property in Guernsey, although there are some who do not do this type of work.

Until 2012, the Guernsey Bar operated a “tariff” system whereby all Advocates charged the same (normally just over 0.75% of the purchase price) for preparing the document necessary to transfer ownership of real property. However, this tariff has been abolished, and Advocates are able to charge what they like for this service.

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