Civil litigation

This involves any other matter where a claim is brought before a Court. In most cases, one party is claiming a sum of money from another party, either because the claimant says that the other party has caused him injury (for example, by negligently running him over), broken the terms of a contract, failed to pay a debt or otherwise failed to fulfil an obligation which the other party owes to the claimant.

People who become involved in this type of Court proceedings may be entitled in some circumstances to free legal representation, or representation at a reduced cost, under the Guernsey Legal Aid Scheme.

Because Guernsey is a financial services centre, a very significant amount of the work of the Civil Courts in Guernsey involves financial services related claims. Claims of this type often involve people whose only connection with Guernsey is that they have invested in or are involved with a financial services product which is based here.

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