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The Guernsey Bar Council

Marcus Leese


Robin Gist

Deputy Bâtonnier

Alison Antill


Anthony Williams


Gordon Dawes

Council Member

David Thompson

Council Member

Mathew Newman

Council Member

Annaliese McGeoch

Council Member

The Bar Council was created by statute in 2008. 

Its statutory objectives are to:  

  • Encourage and promote the upholding of the rule of law;

  • Promote the efficient and fair administration of justice;

  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct among its members including, without limitation

    • to protect the public and others against negligence and wilful misconduct of any advocate, and

    • to ensure that the professional fees and charges of any advocate are fair and reasonable

  • Maintain effective complaints and disciplinary procedures;

  • Promote the education and training of Advocates;

  • Encourage and promote the study of law;

  • Conduct research into and promote the views of Advocates on matters affecting the administration of justice, including substantive law reform;

  • Promote the interests of Advocates in such manner as the Bar may think fit both within and outside the Bailiwick, and

  • Do all such things as are reasonably incidental or condusive to the attainment of those objectives.


The council is made up of members elected by the Guernsey Bar, all of whom are qualified Advocates. Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

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