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Advocates advise and represent clients in courts and tribunals throughout the Bailiwick of Guernsey covering Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

There is a full list of members of the Guernsey Bar available at the Greffe.

An Advocate combines the roles of an English/Welsh solicitor and barrister, allowing the same person to deal with the client from the first meeting to the final hearing of legal proceedings. Members of the Guernsey Bar have the sole right to represent clients in the courts of the Bailiwick and must be instructed for the conduct of certain transactions, for example, buying land in Guernsey. However, other lawyers employed and overseen by Advocates may assist them to prepare cases and may represent clients in tribunal hearings. 

Members of the Guernsey Bar advise individuals, companies and other institutions on such diverse areas of law as banking, crime, matrimonial finance and company law. Whilst many Advocates specialise in certain types of work, for example trust, commercial, insurance or property law, some have a more general practice. 

The majority of Advocates work in private firms but some are also employed by the States of Guernsey as well as by other institutions such as the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and financial services firms.

To see the Laws relating to the Guernsey Bar please follow this link: http://www.guernseylegalresources.gg/article/91233/Bar (takes you to an external link)

and: http://www.guernseylegalresources.gg/article/91230/Bar (takes you to an external link) also click here

To view the latest copy of the Rules of Professional Conduct relating to Guernsey Advocates together with a copy of the Advocates' Oath click here

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