One of the biggest changes to the Guernsey Bar over the last 20-30 years is that most Advocates now specialise in one or more areas of law. For example, in the past the same Advocate might have dealt with your divorce, drafted your will, advised you on buying a business and acted for you in Court if you had an accident and wanted to claim compensation for your injuries.

Whilst there are some Advocates who still undertake general work, in many cases now you would be referred to a different specialist within an Advocates’ firm to deal with each of these matters. Some firms now only deal with certain types of matter. For example, there are some firms which only deal with financial services matters (and which will not, for example, be able to deal with a divorce, or a compensation claim for personal injury) whilst other firms only deal with “private client” work involving advising members of the public on their legal requirements.

Set out below is a list of the principal areas of specialisation, and what they involve. 

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